Basic Aerobatics

Five 2-Hour Lessons – Total Cost $1375

Inverted flight is just like upright; well, kind of.
Inverted flight is just like upright; well, kind of.

Do you want to put fun into your flying? Perhaps you have done some aerobatics, and want to do more. Are you considering buying an aerobatic airplane, but you are concerned about safety? Basic Aerobatic Training at Dylan Aviation School of Aerobatics and Airmanship is a great place to start.

The syllabus for this course includes five hours of ground instruction plus two and a half hours of dual aerobatic flight time. Your safety is paramount. In your first lesson, you learn to recognize and recover from aggravated stalls, unusual attitudes and spins. During your next three lessons, you will learn the four basic aerobatic skills:

  • Lines (45 degree and vertical)
  • Loops
  • Turns
  • Rolls

You will learn to “mix and match” those skills to fly more complex aerobatic figures; for example, the popular half-Cuban, a standard air show maneuver, incorporates three basic skills:

  • 5/8 of a loop,
  • 45 degree inverted down line,
  • ½ roll.

In the final lesson, you will experience the fun of flying an aerobatic sequence. You will amaze yourself as you apply your new skills to fly a plethora of aerobatic figures that include:

  • 45 up, spin, half Cuban or shark tooth and loop
  • Wedge, wing over, 2 – point roll, 180 turn, aileron roll
  • 45 up, spin, half Cuban, loop, wing over, aileron roll

Release your propensity to roll, improve your stick and rudder skills and assuage your concerns about stalls and spins. Flying two flights per day, you will complete this training in three days.  

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Loops, Lines and Rolls

Two 2-Hour Lessons (half day) – Total Cost $550

This fun half day of aerobatics is perfect to satisfy your propensity to roll an airplane, and experience a loop. During two 2-hour lessons you will be introduced to the fun of flying an aerobatic airplane. You will learn to safely fly common and popular aerobatic maneuvers.
• Learn to fly a loop, the quintessential aerobatic maneuver
• Lines are fundamental. In combination with a loop, a line becomes a half Cuban.
• All pilots have a pent-up propensity to roll an airplane. Rolls are fun!

This half day session is not a thrill ride. You will learn to safely fly fundamental aerobatic maneuvers. You will receive an hour of ground school prior to each of two flights. If you have a casual interest in aerobatics and you want to experience aerobatic flight, you do not want to miss this training.

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