Flying the Tailwheel Airplane

Key Points for Becoming a Great Stick and Rudder Pilot













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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that pilots must have a “tailwheel endorsement” to fly an airplane with a tailwheel. To earn a tail wheel endorsement, a pilot must demonstrate proficiency in specific flying skills and be knowledgeable of tail wheel subjects. In this book, Jim Alsip guides readers through the basics of tailwheel proficiency.

Many pilots know what is required to perform a specific maneuver, but their low skill level is an impediment to being successful. With this in mind, Alsip aims to identify common habits that cause poor pilot performance, and suggests “key points”, memory aids, that help develop better pilot habits. The principles laid out in the book are applicable to all pilots flying all types of small airplanes, and are prerequisite to learning to fly advanced maneuvers safely.

The book offers an abundance of photographs from the cockpit demonstrating key points and principles from the pilot’s perspective. Emphasis on where to look, what to see and what to do about it makes this teaching style and book unique and effective.