In a three book series, Jim Alsip, Master CFI – Emeritus, has sought to unveil the mystic of stick and rudder skills to those pilots who quest to master them.

In the classroom prior to all flight lessons, Alsip explores and reveals the fundamentals of airmanship, the skill set of using stick and rudder to safely direct an airplane through a plethora of maneuvers throughout the entire flight envelop.

The term stick and rudder is a classical term, a valued yet unattained skill for many pilots. Pilots know the importance of good stick and rudder skills, yet for many pilots mastery of that skill set has been allusive. A pilot’s quest for good stick and rudder skills is challenging because the skills are not being taught in pilot school; additionally modern airplanes and trends in commercial aviation don’t demand that pilots master the traditional stick and rudder skills. Any serious pilot will enjoy Jim’s series of titles focused on airmanship, the pilot skills typically referred to as stick and rudder.

Tailwheel airplanes do not make good pilots; instead, consider that the skills of good airmanship enables pilots to fly tailwheel airplane safely, with style and skill. If you want to improve your airmanship, and fly a taildragger, you will enjoy Flying the Tailwheel Airplane: Key Points For Becoming A Great Stick And Rudder Pilot.

If you seek to master stick and rudder skills, or maybe resolve your anxiety about stalls and spins, you will want to read Artistry of the Great Flyer: A Pilot’s Guide Stick And Rudder And Managing Emergency Maneuvers.

A Pilot’s Guide to Airmanship and Aerodynamics; the Magical Relationship That Makes You An Accomplished Airman, A Superb Pilot, A Great Stick is a must read for pilots seeking to discover the principles that are absolute to flying an airplane: airmanship and aerodynamics. The pithy essay format makes this read easy, enjoyable and it will challenge the way you think about what you know.

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