Your Pilot, Airplane, Airport and Accommodations

Your flight instructor is Jim Alsip

Your flight instructor is Jim Alsip, a Master Certified Flight Instructor with an aerobatic endorsement.
Your flight instructor is Jim Alsip, a Master Certified Flight Instructor with an aerobatic endorsement.

As owner of Dylan Aviation School of Aerobatics and Airmanship, Jim Alsip Master CFI-Aerobatic, provides specialized flight instruction that has attracted pilots from across the United States, South America and almost every country in Europe.

Jim Alsip has been an active member of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC), a charter member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE), and an active FAA Safety Team Representative with the Vero Beach, Florida chapter. Jim is known for his popular presentations in the Educational Forums at Lakeland, Florida’s Sun-n-Fun Fly-In; he has appeared in seminars at FAA’s Lakeland Production Facility and most recently on FAASTeam webinars.

Jim has written three popular books about airmanship. His books Flying the Tailwheel Airplane, Artistry of the Great Flyer and A Pilot’s Guide to Airmanship and Aerodynamics are available at On this website and with a monthly newsletter, Jim promotes key points from his books and videos in a series titled Hangar Talk. Many of those key points can be seen on Jim’s YouTube channel.

The Super Decathlon, a fully aerobatic airplane with inverted fuel and oil.

The Super Decathlon
The Super Decathlon

The Super Decathlon is certified to maneuver between 6g positive and 5g negative. The Super Decathlon (8KCAB), with 180 hp and a constant speed prop, is a great choice for:

  • Aerobatic Training – the super D is easy to fly. It is a forgiving aircraft for beginning and casual aerobatics; yet, it has the performance required for aerobatic competition in the Sportsman class.
  • Upset Recovery Training – the flying scenarios are familiar to the student because the Super Decathlon flies like a Cessna.
  • Tailwheel Training – the airplane provides lots of performance, but it is not intimidating. The Super Decathlon does not have flaps, so it is conducive to the mastery of forward slips, a tailwheel endorsement requirement.


Indiantown Airport (X58)

20654 SW Citrus Blvd, Indiantown, Florida 34956

Short final to runway 31 at X58; the longest grass runway in the U.S.A.
Short final to runway 31 at X58; the longest grass runway in the U.S.A.

Indiantown Airport (X58), a privately owned public airport, is only 30 minutes NW of West Palm Beach Fl. and is surrounded by citrus and cattle country. Free from underlying urban sprawl, tall structures and high terrain,  it is the quintessential rural airport. It features a 6400 foot runway, the longest in the U.S.A. The airspace is perfect for advanced flight training. Flight time is devoted to fun and learning, as opposed to ATC delays, long taxi times and costly flights to the training area.

Directions To X58:

  • Traveling from West Palm Beach and points south, take the Florida Turnpike and exit onto the Bee Line Hwy (State Road 710). Drive NW 30 minutes, cross bridge into Indiantown and immediately turn right on Citrus Blvd. The airport is approximately two miles on the left.
  • When traveling from locations north of West Palm Beach take I95 south. If on the turnpike, join I-95 at the Ft Pierce exit and follow I-95 south. Exit I-95 at the Stuart-Palm City exit (Martin Hwy 714); go east 4.3 miles to Citrus Blvd, turn right. Continue south and then west on Citrus Blvd. for 14.1 miles. The airport is on the right two miles before Indiantown.



If your flight training will require over-night accommodations, you can experience “old southern” hospitality at Indiantown’s historic and charmingly restored Seminole Inn. Visit their web site to learn more: htpp://  The phone number is 772-597-3777.

Traditional accommodations and a plethora of restaurants can be found in the ocean-side town of Stuart, only 20 minutes east of Indiantown. I recommend the Marriott Court Yard at I95 and Kanner Highway. The address is: 7615 SW Lost River Road Stuart, Florida. Telephone is 72-781-3344.