Emergency Situation Training for the Eclipse 500 IAW AC 61.137

Two 2-Hour Lessons: Total Cost – $660

 This is unusual attitude recovery training in accordance with the requirements set forth in FAA Advisory Circular 61.137 and the Norton Aviation Eclipse 500 Syllabus.

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Airmanship and Emergency Maneuver Training

Five 2-Hour Lessons – Total Cost $1375

This nose low unusual attitude illustrates an “Oh, Shucks” moment.
This nose low unusual attitude illustrates an “Oh, Shucks” moment.
The Airmanship and Emergency Maneuver Training Course is designed to help you:

  • develop airmanship skills to escape emergency situations, and
  • make unusual attitudes usual.

In the capable hands of a great stick, a pilot with airmanship skills, airplanes can execute the most amazing maneuvers to avoid or escape from a seemingly dyer situation. Statistics show that almost all aviation loss of control accidents involve a turn; and so, you will begin this course with the basic turn. During the first lesson, ground school and flight time are devoted to learning the proper use of rudder – to recognize and control yaw caused by use of ailerons, P-factor and gyroscopic force. In subsequent lessons you will receive ground instruction to discuss flying skills and review best practices for risk management. Flight time will be devoted to learning flying skills and techniques that you may use to extricate an airplane from selected scenario based emergencies. Skills learned include:

  • Advanced stall recovery, early spin recognition and spin recovery
  • Top rudder and zero g maneuvers to recover from unusual attitudes
  • The fabulous chandelle, wing over and forward slip
  • Maximum rate steep turns and engine out turn-a-rounds

After completing Emergency Maneuver Training, your confidence as a pilot and your flying skills will be greatly enhanced. You can take advantage of those enhanced skills, and elect to continue your training with one of two advanced training specialties:

  • Learn to fly basic aerobatics figures (3 lessons – $825).
  • Earn a tailwheel endorsement (3 lessons – $825)

Emergency Maneuvers Training plus a three-lesson specialty is a Best Buy at $2200.!

Call 772-485-6761 or e-mail today to reserve a date for your Emergency Maneuver Training.