Most pilots admire the skills of a good stick – a flyer:

  • An aerobatic pilot rolling on top of a loop;
  • The Cessna pilot performing a perfect Chandelle
  • The tailwheel pilot making a perfect touch down in a strong cross wind.

Have you wondered what you can do to develop similar skills, and become a confident, skillful flyer- a great stick? Regardless of the maneuver, it is always the same – the fundamental skills apply:

  • Don’t stall
  • Control yaw.

Jim Alsip at Dylan Aviation School of Aerobatics and Airmanship has developed very effective training techniques based upon the two fundamentals and Newton’ Laws of Motion, describing how airplanes behave on the ground and in the air:

  • When you do stuff, other stuff happens.
  • Be patient.
  • Don’t mess with the Big Gorilla.

At Dylan Aviation School of Aerobatics and Airmanship, you will learn those things and you will be known as a great stick. You will work hard, but have fun, as you learn those elusive stick and rudder skills.

Student Testimonials

Here is a sample of what former students thought about the training they received at Dylan Aviation.

“Mr.  Alsip:
Four years ago, when you trained me for a tail wheel endorsement, you emphasized, over and over, about flying the airplane by the “sight picture”.  Since then, I have practiced and used that technique religiously.

Today, while flying my Aerostar SC1, I experienced a total failure of all of my barometric instruments (airspeed, altimeter, and vertical speed indicator).  I had just had them recalibrated and certified about six weeks ago and have no idea what caused the failure.

My point in writing to you is that due to your diligent instruction, getting the airplane safely back on the ground was a “non-event”.  I just flew the sight picture, monitored for any pending stall indications and flew my normal landing approach. 

Your training may have saved our lives today!  Thanks for being such a great instructor!”

– R.B. – Brunswick, Georgia

“Hi Jim,
I hope all is well in Florida and the flying is good as usual.  Just thought I’d say hi and let you know that my flying is far better after your coaching.  Two wheel landings are the norm for me now.  Better visibility and control on landing.”

– G.H.

“Hi Jim,
Just a follow up note of thanks for the ground school and flying.  I was not kidding when I said even the short time we had together has made me a better safer pilot.  Thank you!  I have also really enjoyed your book (Artistry).  It pleased me to be able to say as I read the book, “Hey, we did that!” or, “Hey, Jim demonstrated that!”  So, again, thank you for spending time with me and teaching some really cool and helpful stuff!”

– Regards – Frank

“Dear Jim:
I have had many instructors and some were very good ones. Regardless, very few instructed with the passion, respect, and the safety of the student in mind as you. Your instructions gave me a solid foundation of life saving skills and aviation wisdom that I can implement in emergency situations and apply in becoming a safer pilot. Your honest, straightforward, and this is reality approach to instructing, moved my mind and heart to the point of evaluating and understanding what was required. Your course should be mandatory instruction for every one that is issued a pilot’s certificate. I am committed to return to your class room on an annual basis as a refresher to complement the required flight review. “

– Respectfully – F.S