Stall, Upset and Spin Recovery – DVD:

Key Point Fundamental #1 – Pilots cause airplanes to stall. Don’t do that!










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The information presented in this video has been the subject of seminars presented by Jim at Sun-n-Fun Forums and FAA Safety Team programs. Many of the visual aides are taken directly from Jim’s syllabus for teaching Emergency Maneuvers and from his most popular course of instruction, Spin and Upset Recovery. This DVD is not a substitute for actually learning stall, upset and spin recovery in an airplane; however, photos and action video from the pilot’s perspective in the cockpit are the next best thing.

The maneuvers in the video are relevant:

  • they are scenario based.
  • they are demonstrated in a Decathlon – it is like flying a Cessna or Piper type aircraft.
  • they are discussed from the perspective of the a general aviation pilot’s experience.

This DVD is a Best Buy. It is good stuff and you need to know it!
You can follow this link to see selected scenes from this DVD and its companion DVD Rudder Fundamentals.

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