Rudder Fundamentals – DVD:

Key Point Fundamental #2 – Recognize and control yaw










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I think most pilots admire the skills of a good stick: an aerobatic pilot rolling on top of a loop; the pilot who lands a float plane on a tiny mountain lake or the local tailwheel pilot making a perfect touchdown in a strong cross wind? Have you wondered what you can you do to become a confident and skillful flyer?

Actually there are only two fundamentals to master:

  • Don’t cause the airplane to stall
  • Recognize and control yaw.

My Key Points video Stall, Upset and Spin Recovery explores the first fundamental. Using ground school and film clips from the air, Rudder Fundamentals offers a unique and valuable presentation of the second fundamental; the recognition and control of yaw.  You will:

  • Learn to control adverse, P-factor and gyroscopic yaw.
  • Master the Dutch roll, the definitive stick and rudder skill.
  • Learn to use the technique of cross controlled rudder and aileron to perform a plethora, of aerial maneuvers.

This DVD is a guaranteed Best Buy. You just can’t learn this stuff at the typical flight school.
Follow this link to view selected scenes from this DVD and its companion DVD Stall, Upset and Spin Recovery.