The Fundamentals: Key Points for Becoming a Great Stick and Rudder Pilot


The fundamentals are the basis of all training at Dylan Aviation School of Aerobatics and Airmanship. Flying aerobatic maneuvers, landing a tailwheel airplane in a cross wind or recovering from an unusual attitude after encountering wake turbulence, the fundamentals are the same:

  • Do not stall
  • Control yaw

Jim has produced two training videos. Each deals with one of those fundamentals. Click here to enjoy Mastering Stick and Rudder Skills – DVD Previews.


Learning to be a great stick, a safe pilot, a flyer, is easy – just master the fundamentals. Jim Alsip has authored two books that can help any pilot do just that. Jim’s years of experience instructing in a tandem airplane has provided Jim with great insight into pilot’s bad habits. Those habits cause many pilots to have difficulty doing basic maneuvers well, and explains why too many pilots are involved in deadly, loss of control accidents.


You can learn more about each of Jim’s two books and two DVDs at their respective tabs at the top of this page.